Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises

The best weight loss exercises are cardiovascular in nature. When losing weight, it is important to do a variety of exercises so that it doesn’t get boring. Here are some of the top exercises to engage in;

1) Jogging/ walking
Whether it is on the treadmill or outside, jogging is a sure way to get you leaner. If you haven’t jogged in a long while, it is best to start off with a brisk walk and pick up speed until you break into a jog.


2) Skiing
All types of skiing are great cardiovascular workouts. You won’t even notice that you’re burning calories for all the fun you will be having. All the major muscles of the body are used during the exercise.


3) Step Aerobics
You can actually feel your calories burning while doing step aerobics. There is a lot of feedback from your feet and improvement in your sense of balance. This is a great weight loss regime that can be done at home or in the gym in group aerobics.


4) Bicycling
Nothing beats bicycling to reverse the effects of a sedentary life. Legs get a workout that helps the circulation to finally get there. You end up with fewer calories and a nice pair of legs. Always mind the set resistance, muscle mass will increase visibly.


5) Swimming
This is probably the ultimate workout that involves the whole body. The resistance in the water makes you unconsciously use muscles that you never knew you had. Its anti gravity effects will increase circulation to your problem areas and help you burn calories there.


6) Rowing
Rowing spells the death of calories. It should mostly involve the thighs while the upper body should be only for leverage. So make sure you do it right. Somewhat similar is canoeing which really which is the epitome of cardiovascular activity.


7) Skipping Rope
An exercise that involves no fancy equipment yet leaves you looking like Rocky. This one gets you ready for the showers because you will really sweat it out.


8) Squash
Squash is one of the best way to spend your free time, and connect with fellow players all the while keeping yourself trim. As you perfect your game, you perfect your frame.


9) Rock Climbing
You know you are in perfect shape when you can carry your own weight. Rock climbing does just that for your body.


10) Resistance training
Lifting light dumbbells and resistance can help you lose weight in those targeted areas.  New reflexes are created that keep the weight off.