Top 5 Weight Loss Diets

Diet alone will help you lose more weight than exercise. Here are the best strategies for weight loss put out by dietitians;


1.Fork it Diet
Forking all your food will mean that you eat less in total. Is it because you run out of time or because your food goes cold or because you lose calories trying to get food on the fork? The point is you will get food in smaller portions and that increases metabolism.


2.The Green and White Diet
This diet is really effective and is what professional models and athletes use. The first week is full is greens which cleanses the digestive system and the second week is then filled with white proteins like fish, chicken and egg white.


3.The Dash Diet
The Dash was developed to fight hypertension. It involves sensible eating and does not disregard the state of your heart considering your age and normal activity level. This approach has won awards for years in a row.


4.The Learn Diet
This diet is both physiological and psychological. Learn to control your relationship with food will reduce dependency and cravings.


5.The Mediterranean Diet
Replace all your vegetable fat with oils and you have a winner. Feasting like a Greek God will take away 35% of your calorie intake.